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Human-made but inspired by nature

Biocene is the period of new life. When our descendants look back at this period in time, they will see evidence, in the geologic and electronic record, of anthropic climate change, growing population, and scarcity of resources. But they will also see the rebirth of human ingenuity as we overcame the challenges that faced us through nature-inspired exploration.

Previously named the Biomimicry Summit, this is the 3rd annual bio-inspired symposium held in Cleveland, Ohio that attracts speakers and attendees from across the globe.

What You'll Experience

  • Discover how nature-inspired innovation is transforming the marketplace, advancing scientific thought and creating sustainable, competitive advantages.
  • Hear from thought leaders, cutting-edge manufacturers, educators, and experts in biology, engineering, design and organizational development. Each presenter will provide a different perspective on how looking to nature’s 3.8 billion years of R&D can yield highly effective solutions to challenges.
  • Join a diverse and forward-thinking audience of innovators, ideation experts, businesses, scientists, educators, students, sustainability advocates, economic professionals, and local, state, and federal agencies.

Ohio Aerospace Institute

22800 Cedar Point Rd
Cleveland, OH 44142

Four days of events

August 14 - 17, 2018

08:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Event Features

3 Tracks






Biocene Cafe

Art Competition

Evening Events

Network and enjoy natural inspiration at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Metroparks.

Event Schedule Highlights

Take a peak at the exciting programs.

Glenn tours are a unique blend of education and entertainment. Visitors can explore America's research facilities and see where scientists and engineers develop propulsion, power and communication technologies for NASA'S aeronautics and space programs. Space limited to 50 participants; US citizens and green card holders only. The tours are free.

Location: NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio

Nature-inspired interstellar travel; Earth 2150, Ultimate artificial intelligence.

Location: Ohio Aerospace Institute, Atrium

Batteries, AI, Quantum biology, Photovoltaics, Sensors, Biomaterials

Location: Ohio Aerospace Institute

In 2016, the XPRIZE Foundation set out to establish a “moonshot” for construction by creating the XPRIZE for Healthy Buildings. In this talk, you’ll learn how the team approached this unique opportunity to develop a way to (literally) grow buildings by fusing synthetic biology, genomics, parametric modeling and 3D printing to create a disruption and paradigm shift that could switch us from a PETRO-chemical world to a BIO-chemical one.

Location: OAI Auditorium

This panel discussion will explore the on-the-ground experiences of three companies who have employed biomimicry to enhance their innovation. Steve Percy, former Chairman and CEO of BP America and one of the co-coordinating lead authors of the UN's Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, will lead a conversation with Owens Corning, Lubrizol, and GOJO Industries to uncover and explain the discoveries, challenges and perspective-changing results of looking to nature for inspiration.

Track: Business

Inventions and discoveries triggered by biomimicry are usually highly creative and efficient. However they happen due to serendipity: knowledge transfer between biology and engineering is not straightforward since biology and engineering are generally studied in isolation of each other. There are no systematic ways to incorporate ideas from nature/biology into the design process of engineering solutions. A knowledge base of biology goals and mechanisms and an "intelligent" tool to navigate them and map them to engineering problems would take serendipity out of the loop and provide a systematic way of connecting engineering challenges to biology inspiration.

Track: Technical

The biomimetics task going forward is to elicit from nature how the quantum processes that are present and operable in bioprocesses are enabled, and to determine ideal potential applications of these quantum bio approaches to quantum technology practice.

Location: OAI Auditorium

Evolutionary Computation (EC) techniques are a subset of artificial intelligence, but they are slightly different from the classical methods in the sense that the intelligence of EC comes from biological systems or nature in general. The efficiency of EC is due to their significant ability to imitate the best features of nature which have evolved by natural selection over millions of years.

Track: Technical

Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs) are a complex sequence of tasks that must be executed with precision in an uncertain and risky environment. In the current state, the Astronaut is supported during an EVA by audio communications with the flight crew and ground crew. While this approach has worked effectively for several decades, emerging augmented reality technologies offer new opportunities to improve the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of EVAs.

Track: Education

The structural form seen in bones and tree branches defines their function and design. The natural meaning of structural form can be adopted in architectural structures and industrial design objects that might represent an alternative and more attractive vision.

Location: Ohio Aerospace Institute

The presented paper takes the biomimicry perspective on wind hazard mitigation by identifying the most vulnerable aspects of buildings and other civil structure in strong winds on one side, and the wind-resilient examples of biology systems on the other side, in order to link problem areas with potential biomimicry solution proposals.

Track: Technical
Track: Technical
Track: Technical

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Student & Educator Registration

$150/ person

Includes all programs and evening events

General Registration

$ 475/ person

Includes all programs and evening events

OAI, Great Lakes Biomimicry and NASA Member/ NASA Contractor Registration

$ 350/ person

(OAI and Great Lakes Biomimicry Members)

Includes all programs and evening events

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Biocene 2018 Poster Competiton

We invite students to share their research with experts in academic and aerospace- related disciplines. Any nature-inspired topic is acceptable including, but not limited to, art, design, architecture, language and philosophy.

Learn more on the NASA website here.

Hotel Information

A block of rooms are available at a special discounted rate at Cleveland Airport Marriott for $126.00 USD per night (parking included).

Cleveland Airport Marriott (4277 West 150th St., Cleveland, OH 44135) is 2.8 miles from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and 7 miles from the event site, Ohio Aerospace Institute.

The last day to reserve a room at this discounted rate is July 24.

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